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We help students & working professionals with assignments.
We have vast experience in projects completion for Project Management, Sourcing, Business Analysis and assignmemt support on Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Statistics and Article Writing
Our accomplishments define our profeciency in various languages and tools.
Below is the list of all projects that we have worked on. You can go through the list or quickly check for relevant projects to gain confidence before awarding business.


Project NameLanguage
Discrete MathsComputer Science
Developing Auction WebsiteJavascript
Testing 3 multiple choice answersComputer Science
C++ Mechanical EnigneerC++
Puzzle using Google OR ToolsPython
Credit Card AnalysisJava
Software TestingExam
Covid AnalysisR Programming
Interpretable Machine LearningComputer Science
Data Analysis EssayDescriptive
Rocket Propulsion PIDPython
Tableau Logic TechniquesComputer Science
Informtion Security Essay - CryptographyComputer Science
Statictics TestStatistics
DSCI - Practice AssignmentR Programming & Python
Mazimize ProblemExcel Solver
Deterministic Finite AutomataComputer Science
Machine LearningPython
Information SecurityComputer Science
Exam HelpJava
Access TasksMS Office
Non Determiministic AutomataComputer Science
Medical EssayMedical
Maxwell Group PayrollPython
Crypyography CodePython
Python Idle ProgrammingPython
Hypothesis testingSPSS
Python ReturnsPython
Physics examGeneral
CPP ExamComputer Science
Information Security ExamComputer Science
Data Science HW helpPython
Information Security Exam HelpComputer Science
Eight Queens AssignmentJava
Information Security ExamComputer Science
Interpretable Machine Learning - ProposalMachine Learning
Deterministic Finite AutomataComputer Science
Interpretable Machine Learning - QuestionsGeneral
Green Architecture PaperGeneral
Para CommentsData Analysis
ReportHeat Transfer
Frogger PythonPython
Statistics SolutionStatistics
Chess GameJava
Switch CodePython & C
Python Analysis SolutionsPython
Computer ArchitectureComputer Science
DFA NFA Exam HelpComputer Science
Puzzle using Google OR ToolsPython
Time SeriesR
Epidemology RR
Tableau AssignmentTableau
3 in 1C++
DFA NFA ExamComputer Science
Partial Differential EquationsGeneral
Travelling Salesman ProblemC++
KnapSack ProblemPython