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Analytics Overview – Basic

As the area of Data Analytics is growing, the scope of understanding trend for any field/area is increasing. We at VendorForYou always indulge ourselves in various trend analysis based on different areas. This time we selected 5 different high level fields based on the difference in work culture, audience and capabilities. We setup a small survey where we scraped and analyzed data from fields related to Media, Information Technology, Finance, Business and Sports. We intend to observe that for marketing a particular product, what is the contribution of Backlinks and Social Network to increase visitor/potential customers’ network.
We shortlisted few organizations from all the areas and captured their YOY growth and tried to link with increase in customer network. We also captured Visitors visiting websites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Followers/Likes, Backlinks used and rank of Websites. Here are few conclusions with supporting graphs:


*Size of Bubble suggest Number of Visitors visited.
Sports Analytics

Sports: For sports organizations, there is a direct relationship between Social Network, Backlinks and Visitors. Also, from the bubble size it is clear that more backlinks means more visitors but exceptional big bubbles at the top and distributed throughout shows that some small sports organizations have more visitors may be due easy to manage strategy, local awareness and availability at remote areas.


Media Analytics

Media: Organizations connected with media show linear relationship between 3 attributes but down trend line at the end shows that social network explains the trend more than backlinks.


Finance Analytics

Finance: As the name suggests, always got customers. The graph is haphazard and distributed the high visitor bubbles all over. May be these organizations also use different technologies  (email, phone,etc) to grow their customer network.


Business Analytics

Business: Trends in these organizations are wavy with more visitor counts on the upper side of the trend line. As observed, backlinks is the primary attribute to get more visitors and increases exponentially with more backlinks. Social Links just adds to the flavor of getting success.


IT Analytics

Information Technology: As experts in the latest trends used for marketing, IT shows a clear relationship between 3 attributes with a low slope i.e. the trend flattens as the values increase. If divided in different regions, we can clearly determine the focus area to get more clients.



Backlinks and inclusion of Social Network can really increase the website traffic but based on the fields, we can specify the target. SEO clearly mentions the steps to improve website traffic and sales. Well, there is always an improvement in analysis. The data we analysed can be further studied for details but we thought of triggering it with some lame platform that turned out something meaningful. We also considered influence of other areas, project type, competitors and investment for this analysis.

Going forward we will surely repeat this kind of analysis for different area, platforms and processes to understand the dynamics and efficiency.

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