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Web Scraping Tool

Hello Again, 

This is a new article about the introduction of a new excel based tool for Web Scraping. It is a new and customized way to get all the details required for web scraping.We have made this tool after numerous alteration of codes based on real data, eliminated/automated repetition and optimized proficiency in report generation. It includes:

  • Extracting Data from Source Code
  • Finding specific keywords (if any) in Data
  • Column-wise customized data with email, phone and name
  • Also extracts Social links with likes/followers/ranks
  • Helps in getting Backlinks and extension to all webpages of a website.
  • Lastly the most important, requires no coding at all,┬átherefore very user-friendly

Web Scraping Excel


Below is a small data insight of the report this file is capable to extract. We can get all the details within seconds just by pressing couple of buttons/macros.


Appreciate if you can go over our website and understand our process, team and ask for request.
Have a nice day!!! ­čÖé

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